Letter: Town grieving over death, other violence

As a florist in Carson City, I did some arrangements for the memorial service for Rick Albrecht. I have done many funerals. I have never felt the town grieving like this before. The energy was so low that by the time my husband and I left work, we felt like taking a drive out of town to lift ourselves from the darkness.

As Carson City residents for 20-plus years, we are not conditioned to shield ourselves of all these violent crimes. We now have to witness the memorial flowers on Highway 50 for the 9-year-old victim of crime, the thought of the sick woman who lived with a corpse for weeks and now a violent crime of passion that left three fatherless children.

When will we as a collective consciousness learn to love ourselves enough to stop causing so much pain and disgrace? When will we know that we are loved, we are abundant, we are beautiful? Lies, sex, control, manipulation, abuse, are all low vibrations of energy and produce fear, guilt and pain which aren't real.

What is real is love. Loving ourselves, loving others is all there is. It is all that is remembered. Let's live that way and teach each other about love.


Carson City


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