Letter: Trip to Reno shorter than through Carson

I was shocked to read that the Nevada Transportation Department was going to issue bonds to build the extension of Route 395 from Reno to Carson City. That is a long way from being needed now, although I realize that these take a long time to be planned. I drive the 15 miles to Reno frequently, and it takes me less time than to drive the few miles through Carson. Any monies should be spent to complete the bypass of Carson.

The plans to do only half of it now is not going to solve the problem. The whole road down to western Route 50 needs to be done now. It is embarrassing to be in the capital of the State of Nevada and have it look like a hick town, with all the truck and RV traffic going the length of the town and we are trailing behind it.

Although it is a comparatively small amount, the plans for a bike path should be put on hold also. Frankly, I would have no interest to ride along a freeway, granted at a different level, because of the noise and fumes. I would much rather ride along the quiet Carson River.


Carson City


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