Letter: Wait for Clinton's most egregious act to come

I just read where W. J. Clinton celebrated his 54th birthdate. It occurred to me that his most egregious act is yet to come!

A lawyer, an officer-of-the-court, lied under oath! Moreover, said "officer" is also the U.S. president - lied under oath!

The world must wonder, when is he telling truths, the whole truths? Or does it again depend upon the definition of a word: "is" or "was" or?

Most egregious? Assuming Clinton lives into his 80th plus years (recent medical progress suggests this is a probable), currently, we taxpayers will foot his bills: ex-presidential perks like salary, Secret Service, medical/secretarial/office costs etc.

Egregious and absurd? Yes! He can laugh all the way to the bank for 30 years with dollars taken from the very American taxpayer he shamed/deceived.

I have a proposal for Gibbons, Bernstein, Ensign, Reid et al. Author/cosponsor an initiative - a bill - that transfers all Clinton's perks-costs to those most responsible for their existence - this egregious absurdity. Notwithstanding, the impeachment proceedings by sincere members of the House, the evidence, witnesses, Clinton's admitted complicity (depending on the definition of the word "is"), to-a-man/woman, the Democratic side of the Senate voted: "Not guilty."

There lies the responsibility!

The innocent should not have to pay (for 30 years' laughter to the bank) while the party loyals continue to enjoy the perks of their office, or their generous retirement benefits. They voted "not guilty" - they should bear the costs, directly deducted from their in-office income or from their post-office retirement benefits.

At the least Nixon was man enough to resign and thus remove himself from nuzzling the public trough. Not so with Willy! He prefers free money.


Carson City


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