Letter: We need a full-time mayor

I read with interest Mr. Tatro's statements in your "Primary Guide" about why he should be the next mayor. As to his statement, "This city needs a mayor who can make sure the public's interest is done fairly and in full view of its citizens" - just what he is saying here - that Mayor Masayko has not been fair and that things have not been done in the open? What does that sentence mean, Mr. Tatro?

And he says leadership is needed, "to deal with whatever comes along if we are willing to stand up to it." Well, that is exactly what Mayor Masayko has done - he has many times taken a stand and just because he has taken time to study an issue or has not voted as Mr. Tatro would like, that doesn't mean Mayor Masayko was wrong.

Mayor Masayko also is not afraid to take a stand and is not afraid to lead - attributes Mr. Tatro ascribes to himself in the interview in the "Primary Guide." I doubt anyone would believe that Mr. Tatro would please all of the people all of the time about all matters. As for Mr. Tatro's "Fiction vs. Fact" ad about increases - does anyone really believe that one individual is responsible for all the changes mentioned?

Mr. Tatro speaks about the years he served on the board of supervisors. I remember those years too, and must agree with an earlier writer, Mr. Ritchie, that Mr. Tatro often seemed ill-prepared.

Mayor Masayko has taken the time and interest to study and understand the issues, has been responsive to the citizens and I feel we need his continued dedication to our community. And we need a full-time mayor.


Carson City


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