Letter: We're being given a line, and high prices

Labor Day and local election day have come and gone. We were told by the "Powers That Be" the gasoline prices would start to go down. Just today (Sept. 6) the pumps in our community jumped 4 cents higher. What a fairy tale we have been fed.

I have heard nothing on the networks, Vice President Gore or that other candidate with "foot in mouth" affliction besides a vulgar mouth, say anything about bringing the oil companies to task. Are our state and federal politicians afraid?

They get paid for looking after the citizens' well being. Each governor and Congress person and senator ought to be out there on their soap boxes pounding the gavel for a halt to the "money grubbers" who do not have a conscience when it comes to sticking it to the population out here that make the wheels of industry turn.

Maybe a law should be passed putting a freeze on all politicians' salaries until they get out there on every street, in every town of America, preaching the gospel according to fairness in the free enterprise system. Of course the "well off" don't care. You hear especially G.W. and his pundits bring up the ugly phrase, "Class Warfare." If they were truly against it, then things would get one or perhaps move along to the benefit of all.

Where are you now that we need you, Thomas Paine?


Carson City


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