Letter: Wildlife infirmary needs stable funding

As a long-time resident of Nevada, I have seen a great decline in wildlife habitat due to the explosive development we have been experiencing. Because of this, the Wild Animal Infirmary for Nevada receives about 20 calls a day from concerned people who find ill, injured or orphaned birds and animals.

As we receive an overwhelming number of birds and animals, we need a stable source of funding. (Some states actually pay rehabbers.) We need to be able to keep up with the rising costs of food, medical care and supplies necessary to care for the wildlife properly. We do not have the resources to advertise nor do we have people to do "gimmicky" fund-raisers for us. We must use our limited, precious income for the nuts and bolts of bird and animal care. However, without a stable funding source, this will not continue. Also, we must be able to pay dependable people decent wages to work at WAIF as wildlife requires extensive, competent, quality nursing care.

WAIF is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, organization chartered in 1977 to provide medical care for compromised wildlife. It is operated by a registered nurse with the help of a qualified volunteer and a daughter. Veterinarians do the evaluations, surgeries and prescribe the medications; an M.D. ophthalmologist provides care for eye injuries.

We want to be sure that our children see wildlife in the wild, not just on the Internet or in cages. If you would like to help us, call (775) 849-0217. Or you may write us at WAIF, 2920 Eagle St., Carson City 89704.


Wild Animal Infirmary for Nevada


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