Letter: Winnemucca's flags an idea for Carson

I had an occasion last week to go to Winnemucca. I was so impressed. What a darling little town, but what impressed me the most was the fact that on each light pole they had American flags blowing in the wind.

It really made you take notice and gave you a proud and patriotic feeling to look at all those flags. I think Carson City needs to do something to spruce up the city, letting people know that we are proud of our town and also proud to be the capital.

What better way than to display flags hanging from all the light poles on Highway 395 from the Douglas County line to the far end of North Carson, not just the center of town. No one would even know that this is the capital except for the capitol building in the middle of town. Don't just read this and throw it away, respond to it and lets see if we can't get the city to show a little pride in Carson. Lets make it look like a capital.


Carson City


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