Letter writer needs a better (state) job

Boy, was I surprised at the letter-to-the-editor written by Mr. Friel. At first I thought he was just being mean spirited and kind of ornery. But after reading further, I find his comments eye-opening. Here is why:

He has worked for companies that have not offered even the basic benefits enjoyed by most employees, state and non-state.

He has had employers who have verbally and physically mistreated him and thought of him as just a drag on their profits.

He has had employers who would not allow breaks which are required by law or a lunch break which is needed for a basic human need.

He has a union that can only get him a few hundred measly bucks of retirement per month and he had to pay union dues for that.

I think most of us would be glad not to have a job like his. A few questions come to mind after reading his letter:

Why focus on the negative aspects of your job and throw it back on government employees or any employee?

Why is it so bad that state employees get vacation time at the discretion of their agency?

Why is it horrible to give employees legal holidays off and some sick leave?

Why is it so bad that state employees get two, 15-minute breaks a day as required by law for ALL Nevada employees?

Why is it so bad that state employees are not fired for the slightest infraction or for things that are not their fault?

Why is it so bad that state supervisors and mangers are not allowed to mistreat their employees either verbally or physically?

In the 1970's in Reno, I too worked for employers just like Mr. Friel's. Those work experiences made me take a long hard look at my situation. I decided to make changes for the better and it worked.

All humans deserve respect and dignity just for being a human being, no matter what color, educational level or job. I refused to compromise on this more than 27 years ago and I still refuse to do so to this day.

Employee dignity is a reasonable salary with benefits and fair and legal working conditions. This is not too much to ask of any employer. Employee dignity isn't expensive; it just seems that way to shortsighted employers.

Mr. Friel needs to take his own advice and find another job. Since the State since it is always looking for applicants he should apply with them.

Do what I have done, never compromise your dignity to an abusive employer or to anyone else for that matter.


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