Magpie's local maps are updated

The Magpie Map of Carson City has been released in an updated edition by local creator JVT Publications.

"The new Carson map shows the proposed freeway bypass. We show the planned streets that should be in next year and we've added a shaded relief map to show how the streets and roads are affected by the topography," said Pat Hennessy, who markets the maps drawn by Jeff Trionfante.

"Carson's map is also updated with Washoe Valley and the southern part of Pleasant Valley on the back."

Hennessy said the other Magpie maps of the area have also been updated. The Dayton-Mound House map now shows Stagecoach and Silver Springs on the back, while the Minden-Gardnerville map has been extended on the south to cover the new streets at the south end of Foothill Road.

Hennessy and Trionfante drive the roads themselves and talk to local officials and developers to create accurate maps. They are traveling the byways of the Tahoe Basin to prepare for the release of their Tahoe series of maps next spring.

The Magpie folded maps are available at stores for $2.95.

The maps are available laminated and rolled for $20 by calling 885-8341 or visiting the Web site at:


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