Man arrested after reported slow chase

A Carson City man was arrested early Thursday after he reportedly attempted to hit a police officer with a car and later offered bribes to two police officers.

Alfredo Diaz-Garcia, 35, was arrested after a slow chase when he refused to pull over for suspicion of drunken driving on Hot Springs Road.

While he was being followed, he reportedly put the car in reverse and backed up toward the police officer behind him. He then turned into a parking lot at the Carson Catalina Apartments were he was apprehended.

During a sobriety test, Diaz-Garcia reportedly offered one deputy a $200 bribe, and during the ride to the Carson Jail, he offered another a $1,000 bribe.

He was charged with two counts of bribery, assault with a deadly weapon, drunken driving and traffic violations. He was ordered held in lieu of $51,543.


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