Man pleads innocent in home invasion

One of three men suspected in a home invasion and holdup of a Carson City family pleaded innocent Monday and will face trial in a district courtroom.

A trial for Juan Silverio Garcia-Medina, 32, will be scheduled before May of next year, said District Court Judge Michael Griffin Monday.

Garcia-Medina faces one count of burglary with a gun and three counts of principle to robbery with a gun, offenses that could carry a maximum 60-year sentence if he is convicted.

The charges relate to a break-in reported in the early morning hours of July 31. Garcia-Medina, along with Alfonso Segura-Ramirez, 20, and Jose Garcia-Lopez, 34, were arrested at a home in the 400 block of East Long Street.

According to testimony at a justice court preliminary hearing Sept. 1, the trio broke into the home, held three men, two women and three children at gunpoint, and demanded money and jewelry. One of the men reportedly threatened to take a woman's children if she did not cooperate.

The homeowner knew one of the intruders, reports indicate. It was known that the homeowner owns a store that carries clothing and jewelry.

The night of the invasion, authorities responded to the home after reports of a gunshot. Several victims had poured into the street and, in broken English, were indicating that the robbers were still inside.

When police entered the home, the men were found in different rooms where they were apparently pretending to sleep. Three 9 mm semi-automatic pistols were found beneath the couch cushions.

Victim Angelica Martinez testified at the preliminary hearing that "they all had guns," and that one of the men pointed a gun at her and said "'You either give me the money, or I take the children.'"

The men were found to be in possession of jewelry and cash that reportedly belonged to the victims. Several of the victims were visitors from Southern California.

According to witness accounts, the gunshot occurred when a man was struck on the head with a pistol and the gun discharged. Javier Martinez, the man who was struck, attempted to prevent the men from coming through the door. He was knocked out and lay on the floor bleeding from a minor head wound until paramedics arrived.

The victims got out of the home when the robbers went to search a bedroom.

Though they have appeared separately in court, the three suspects are being tried together. A motion to sever the cases could be admitted by either prosecutors or defendants.

Garcia-Medina is being represented by attorney Ben Walker.


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