Man will face charge of coercing boys to rob gas station

A 34-year-old man accused of conspiring with two teenage boys to commit a gas station robbery will face felony charges in district court, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Billy Weldon Wolfe, an Oregon-native who had been living in Frontier Motel on North Carson Street for three months, sat through a preliminary hearing in Judge Robey Willis' courtroom. Three police officers and two civilians testified that he had a hand in planning the robbery.

At his district court arraignment he will plead guilty or innocent to alternative charges of principle to robbery or accessory to a robbery. If convicted, a presiding judge or jury would make the determination as to which crime Wolfe committed. The punishment ranges from one to 15 years in prison.

Wolfe was arrested July 25 when the boys who allegedly committed the robbery at an Arco station across Bath Street from the motel said they had brought a cash box - containing about $50 - to his room.

The man who was working that night was reportedly hit by the boys before they took off with the cash.

When Wolfe was interviewed, he reportedly admitted that he had been drinking with the boys before the crime was committed.

The juveniles were charged with suspicion of robbery and consuming alcohol.


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