Mark Twain and Fremont elementary schools still in good condition

(This is the next in a series of articles examing work proposed for Carson City Schools if an $18 million bond issue is approved by voters.)

Both built in 1992, identical schools Mark Twain and Fremont elementary schools are in little need of improvement as the school district plans possible changes for the proposed $18 million bond.

"The taxpayers got what they were looking for in the 1990 bond," said Mike Mitchell, director of operations for the Carson City School District. "Not much of the $18 million is going to these schools. They're two good success stories."

Mark Twain Elementary is nestled in a neighborhood where most students can walk to and from school every day.

"This is the one school with the least amount of projects in the bond," Mitchell said. "It's a new school, it's a neighborhood school. It's been kept up well."

The only improvements planned for Mark Twain are the general improvements planned across the district, such as replacing locks and keys at each school with an infrared scanning system and upgrading all telephone systems.

Mitchell said some may question why locks and phones are needed at a school that is so new.

"In 1993, safer schools wasn't even really thought about," he said. "It certainly wasn't as big of an issue that it is now."

Fremont Elementary is also in good condition. Its only problem is the pickup and dropoff area in front of the school.

"We do have a traffic pattern that is established; it's just really, really slow," said Jan Sullivan, principal of Fremont. "There is congestion with the dead end down here."

Sullivan said students remain on the sidewalk until their parents are in front of the school. Once a parent picks the child up, that parent must turn around because of the dead end.

Parents can end up waiting up to 20 minutes in line to pick up their children.

Mitchell said so far no major problems have occurred. But to prevent any, the district would remodel the driveway to better accommodate parents.

The bond is not expected to raise taxes. However, if it is not approved, taxes would go down. The cost of the bond is about $39 for the owner of a $100,000 home.

School: Mark Twain Elementary

Built: 1992

Students enrolled: 636

Estimated cost of improvements: only districtwide improvements

School: Fremont Elementary

Built: 1992

Students Enrolled: 644

Estimated cost of improvements: $250,000


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