McDonald's evacuated after grease fire

A grease fire at the McDonald's on North Carson Street shut down the restaurant Monday as electricians scrambled to make repairs for the opening of business today.

The restaurant, in front of Kmart, was evacuated at 11 a.m. when the fire started near the fryers, said first assistant Jim Hollahan.

"We had the chimney cleaners here the night before," he said. "They don't know if they connected the gas right."

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

According to Hollahan, there was no structural damage or injuries, thanks to a potassium spray that is automatically triggered. The restaurant had to be closed because of a large cloud that filled the dining room with dust.

The health department will have to sign off before the restaurant is allowed to reopen.

Firefighters sprayed the grease vats with extinguishers as a protection against the fire reigniting. "The grease operates at a very high heat," Hollahan said.


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