More Your Two Cents worth: Cell phone use while driving

One of the most disturbing scenes of driving I have seen was when this so-called Knight of the Road, and that's a semi-truck driver if nobody knows, he was pulling a two-trailer rig and making a left hand turn off Fairview onto Carson Street, driving with his right hand and he had a cell phone in his ear, using his left hand. That's a little ridiculous.

Fred, Carson City

I oppose banning cell phones in cars because they've let people smoke in their cars for years which has caused accidents since the '50s, they have let people drink and drive and they haven't outlawed alcohol and that's responsible for half of our accidents, so if people can smoke and people can drink and drive, then let us cell phone users use our cell phones. We're no more of a danger and probably far less of a danger than those other two groups.

Debra, Carson City


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