Mountain Lake Medical Group offers osteoporosis screening

Mountain Lake Medical Group, a mobile care provider contracted by Safeway pharmacy in Carson City, will be offering osteoporosis-screening and body fat measurement tests on Saturday.

The osteoporosis test, fast, easy and painless, is done using a special ultrasound machine. The test takes less than five minutes, does not require an appointment or doctor's order and costs only $30.

The testing will be offered at the pharmacy and requires the removal of one sock and shoe. Testing times will be between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Also offered will be Body Composition Analysis testing. This test is fast, painless and does not require pincers, water baths or disrobing. This is the best way to determine your overall level of fitness.

The test takes less than five minutes and requires access to the dominant arm (usually the arm you use to write). Extensive research has determined that human body fat absorbs light as specific wavelengths in the near-infrared portion of the light spectrum. Using an optical sensor the amount of light is absorbed by your body fat and can be measured. Then, using a powerful microcomputer your percent of body fat can be determined. There is no harmful radiation or discomfort. The test is done while seated. This testing will be available for $15 or $10 if done at the same time as osteoporosis testing.


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