Nevada Bureau of Land Management proposes noxious weed spray

In an effort to slow the spread of noxious weeds in Nevada, Bureau of Land Management officials are attempting to require the use of certified noxious weed-seed free hay, straw or mulch on BLM lands. The proposed rule is expected to go into effect next fall. Comments on the proposal will be accepted until Oct. 10.

The spread of noxious weeds is estimated at 2,300 acres per day on BLM-adminstered public lands and 4,600 acres per day on all western public lands. Species like tall whitetop, yellow starthistle, leafy spurge and many others displace native vegetation, destroy wildlife habitat and reduce grazing capacity.

To slow the spread of noxious weeds, Nevada recently started a state hay inspection-certification program and participates in a regional inspection, certification and identification process. Nevada forage producers grow noxious weed-free products on a voluntary basis.

Send written comments concerning the proposal to Deputy State Director (NV-930), Bureau of Land Management, P.O. Box 12000, Reno, NV 89520-0006 on or before Oct. 10. Copies of the Federal Register notice are available from the same address or online at Call Brian Amme at (775) 861-6645 for more information or to receive a copy of the proposal.


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