Nevada should make best of nuke situation

The main headline on Aug. 7 said a lot. Senator Bryan says that if Bush gets elected, Nevada will get the high level nuclear waste dump. If this is true, what has he and his cohorts been doing?

Most people believe that the dump will eventually be located in Nevada. Sen. Bryan himself accedes this point by stating one man has this power. If Gov. Bush is not elected, sometime in the near future another politician WILL be elected who will place the dump in Nevada. Our elected representatives from both parties have been delaying the event, but have not and probably can't stop the eventual nuke dump.

So what have our representatives been doing, knowing full well this situation? They have allowed the regulatory, transportation, and

construction of the nuclear waste industry to be placed into other states, basically defrauding Nevadans of high paying jobs, benefits and tax revenue. The super collider project was another victim of our elected officials "last act of defiance."

The waste issue has kept people in or out of power for several years, but I think it is time to read the writing on the walls, and make the best of this situation. The University of Nevada system could and should be the best in issues related to nuclear issues. We can, at this time, name the price, but we will get it for nothing in the near future.


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