Nice weather expected until 2001

It wasn't a white Christmas but there were few complaints the day after as both adults and children took advantage of the mild weather - weather that should last until 2001.

Siblings Sylvia, Kathia and Eric Salazar brought their lunch to Mills Park on Tuesday afternoon.

"We just came to have a picnic," said Eric, 10. "We might go down to the skate park later."

The trio was not sure how they were going to spend the nearly two weeks left of Christmas vacation, but they all agree they were glad to have the time off.

"There's lots of stress in school," Eric said. "There's lots of homework, too."

Homework was the last thing on Scott Walker's mind as he showed off his Christmas present to friends.

Walker, 16, received a Les Paul Standard Gibson guitar.

"The standard is the best one that Gibson makes," Walker boasted.

His friend Jon Hall, 15, was impressed.

"I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life," Hall said. "I'm jealous."

Walker already had plans to try out his new instrument.

"I'm going to jam with my buddy at his house," he said.

As droves of children hit the streets on their brand new scooters, 17-year-old Jon Smint couldn't resist.

Smint borrowed a scooter from one of the neighborhood children and took it for a spin through an apartment complex parking lot.

"It's pretty goofy," he said. "It's too little."

But he did see the value of it.

"It gets you around," he said.

Chuck and Marian Woessner, both retired, went for a walk around Mills Park.

"I just had a total knee replacement," Marian said. "I have to get out and walk every day so I'm glad the park is here to do it in."

Chuck would rather have gone skiing but since Marian couldn't go, he decided to go to the movies later in the afternoon.


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