No more reasons for high price of gasoline

To James Parker: Maybe it is not going to go away; high gas prices. Maybe it

is not going to go away; political greed. Maybe it is not going to go away;

OPEC greed. But that is no reason to make excuses for them, because they can make more excuses than you (or me) can think up in a decade.

So don't completely give up and resign yourself to the to the fact that what you say is probably true, but, somewhere, someone, has read what you have just written and said to themselves, HA!, we haven't thought of that one. So, next week, expect to see some aspiring, young, who knows what, person saying just that.

Excuses, excuses. They don't need any more, and you just gave them another one. What about the truck drivers? When was the last time you saw diesel fuel higher than gasoline? Stupid, isn't it, as it takes less to

crack diesel than gas. Think about what you have said, and then apply it to big trucks. Again, stupid isn't it. Not you, but your reasoning. Have a safe day!


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