Our Opinion: Rocky Road ahead for Sonoma extension

Which came first, the development or the traffic signal.

If you're Costco, it's the traffic signal. If you're Conkey Development, you've got to put your money down and hope for the best.

Conkey chose not to bet that there would be enough traffic to justify a traffic light at Sonoma and Carson streets after they built their project.

If it were an issue of Conkey's unwillingness to pay for the light, or that the city was opposed to a traffic signal at the location, that would be one thing.

But the light is paid for and approved by the city. The only thing the Nevada Department of Transportation has to do is give the go-ahead.

The state says the intersection at Sonoma and Carson streets will barely meet the requirements for a light.

However, the intersection sits in the longest stretch of Carson Street without a light.

Now there is no place to cross Carson from 5th Street to Koontz with the benefit of a traffic signal.

Sonoma lies in the middle of a 32-block section of Carson Street. While there are two traffic signals along the route, at Stewart and Fairview, neither place offers the opportunity for motorists to go from Carson Street to Curry.

Having Sonoma go through would provide a valuable crossing for those avoiding Carson's main drag, allowing motorists to cross from the east to west side.

And it wouldn't cost the state a nickel.


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