Our View: Connecting bike-path dots

To have a successful plan of bicycle paths, Carson City leaders have to think like bicyclists (and we know some of them are).

That means the fight over a biking/hiking path along the southern route of the new Carson City freeway is not as important as having a safe, workable path that gets bicyclists from the center of town to the parks, schools and fairgrounds in South Carson City.

The freeway was a great opportunity for a path if it worked, but it doesn't. Attention now should turn to Saliman Road, Roop Street-Silver Stage Drive and Curry Street for on-street bicycle lanes.

Even better are bicycle paths that follow the route of Carson Street south from Fifth Street, along the Mexican Ditch Trail and through Edmonds Sports Complex.

As it stands, the biggest detour for bicyclists would be from the northern section of the bypass down Highway 50 to Saliman, about a six-block stretch.

There may be opportunities in the future for a closer link, or for another link to the east that would better connect the north-bypass bike route with the Mexican Ditch Trail.

The important thing at this point is to keep connecting dots and encouraging Carson City as a safe, easy place to get around on a bicycle.

With that in mind, bike enthusiasts might also ask why the industrial area of Arrowhead Drive was simply dropped from the plan.

We understand the concerns of manufacturers that bikes and trucks don't mix. But simply cutting it out of the plan is no solution. What would those manufacturers suggest?

There need to be ways not only to get their bicycling employees to work without having to drive, but especially to get youngsters safely to Centennial Park right next door to the industrial area.


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