Police detain trespassers, finds anarchist-related graffiti, literature

LOS ANGELES - Police said they found anarchist literature and graffiti inside an abandoned duplex where nearly three dozen people were living illegally.

Officers detained 13 of the squatters after entering the building Thursday morning. Some of the trespassers indicated they came to Los Angeles for next month's Democratic National Convention, Sgt. John Pasquariello said Friday.

Police have warned that potentially violent groups calling themselves anarchists may be planning to disrupt convention activities, much as they did during demonstrations in Seattle last year.

''One or two admitted they were here for the convention,'' he said.

All but one were released immediately. The other was booked on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, Pasquariello said.

He didn't have any other information about those found inside the boarded-up building, except that most were in their late teens or 20s and said they were from California or the Midwest. Three juveniles from Southern California were released to their parents.

Officers entered the duplex after receiving a call that syringes, a potential indicator of drug use, had been found at an adjacent nursery school. When they responded, officers noticed a number of people inside the duplex, most of whom ran when they saw police.

Lt. Horace Frank said about 35 people had been staying at the duplex on Melrose Avenue.

In addition to the anarchist literature, the walls were sprayed with anti-government and anti-police graffiti, Pasquariello said. Among the paintings was the anarchist symbol - the letter A inside a circle.

Police said they already have found signs that anarchists from a national organization based in Oregon are in Los Angeles. Within the past few weeks, police arrested four or five people for taking pictures of downtown buildings from rooftops and other places, police said.


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