Q-Tip: Kokanee Salmon at Stampede

HOW TO GET THERE: Take U.S. 395 north to Reno. In Reno, take I-80 west toward Truckee, Calif. A few miles east of Truckee, take the Boca Reservoir/Stampede Reservoir Exit. Stampede Reservoir is located seven miles north of Boca Reservoir.

WHERE TO FISH: In front of the boat launch facility, in front of the "big island" or in front of the dam. HOW TO FISH: Slowly troll with downriggers at a depth of about 15-25 feet and use a small gold-colored Sepps flasher blade with a Murph's Kokanee bug, about 10-12 inches behind the flasher. Most importantly, be sure to tip your hook with a kernel of white corn.

WHAT YOU'LL CATCH: Mostly small-sized Kokanee salmon or an occasional rainbow trout.

The Kokanee is the landlocked version of the sockeye salmon.

SPECIAL REGULATIONS: You must wear your California fishing license where it is readily visible above the waist.

SPECIAL REGULATIONS: The limit is five fish per fisherman, regardless of species.

SPECIAL NOTE: Kokanee salmon are very sensitive to sunlight, and as the sun comes up, they retreat to deeper, darker water.

SPECIAL NOTE: The wind normally begins to blow very hard at about 10:30 a.m., which coincides with the movement of the salmon to the deeper, darker water.

SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to use downriggers rather than trolling with long lines behind your boat, due to the concentration of many boats all trolling in a very small area.

FOR INFORMATION: Call "Fishing With Father Murphy" at (888) 852-2680 .


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