Quilici appointed to fifth term on Carson convention, visitors board

Don Quilici was appointed to a fifth term on the Carson City Convention and Visitors Board. He has served on the board since 1992 and as the board's chairman since 1997.

Quilici wasn't a shoo-in for the job. Carson City supervisors, minus Supervisor Kay Bennett, deadlocked in a vote between Quilici and Genevieve Frederick, a former San Jose Convention & Visitor's Bureau publication and sales manager.

"Not that Don hasn't done a good job, but he's had his chance," Supervisor Robin Williamson said. " I think the CCCVB needs some new energy and direction. Frankly we have a bunch of men in there; we need women in there to shake things up."

Supervisor Pete Livermore agreed, saying Quilici's service on several other city and state boards made him a volunteer the city wouldn't lose.

Livermore changed his vote, saying if Bennett were present she would probably vote for Quilici, too.

"I'm not faulting Don Quilici. He's wonderful," Williamson said. "If you don't let new people onto committees, new people don't apply for committees. We need to let them bring new ideas or we just inbreed, and you know what that means. We need to be open to new ideas."

There were six applicants for the citizen at large position on the board.


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