Rivers and streams to close on Nov. 15

Nov. 15 is the date that the State of California closes most of its streams, creeks and rivers to fishing for the 2000 fishing season.

Those waters will not re-open to fishing again until the last Saturday in April.

So, the next two weeks will be your last opportunity to fish those types of moving waters in the Golden State for quite a while.

Starting Nov. 16, you'll be restricted to fishing only its lakes and reservoirs until that opening day in April.

And as a special reminder, remember that all of the waters in Inyo and Mono Counties have already closed for the year. They closed back on Oct. 31.

In addition, Heenan Lake closed to fishing back on the last Sunday in October. It's off-limits too.

So, if you're not into ice fishing during the winter months, you better hustle. You only have two weeks left to get in all the California stream fishing that you can, until next April.

And, a word to the wise, be sure to dress warm!


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