School Board trustees censure superintendent

LAS VEGAS - Clark County Schools Superintendent Carlos Garcia has been admonished by the school board for his use of a racial slur during a radio talk show.

During a late-night 90-minute closed session Thursday, trustees resisted pressure from community members who wanted to see Garcia fired.

Instead the board unanimously approved a reprimand for Garcia's remarks that have clouded his first month on the job. The superintendent took over the southern Nevada school district after having been the schools chief in Fresno, Calif.

''I move that the board hereby express its disapproval of the use of an inappropriate word and counsel Mr. Garcia to ensure that no such word will ever be repeated, and that we move forward with the business of educating our children. Furthermore, we direct the superintendent toward improving racial relations within the district,'' School Board Chairwoman Mary Beth Scow read after a closed session that ended about 11 p.m.

Garcia said he thought the board's admonishment was fair and that it's time to move on. Garcia added that he is ready to work to better race relations and improve the academic achievement of minority students in Clark County schools.

After being on the job for less than a month, Garcia came under fire for saying, ''Niggers come in all colors and a nigger is someone who doesn't respect themselves or any others.''

The remark originated during a radio interview with several black high school students and later aired over numerous radio and television stations. The remark prompted an uproar from members of the black community.

Garcia has apologized repeatedly, noting that his comment was meant to condemn racism.


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