Sewer line redrawn after negotiations end

GENOA - A bump in negotiations on the route for a Carson Valley sewer line means county officials are changing directions - literally.

The change won't affect plans to serve Genoa's Main Street corridor and the cost of hooking up to the line won't increase for Genoa customers, but the project could be delayed, said Douglas County Community Development Director Bob Nunes.

Earlier plans called for the line to serve the David Walley's resort south of Genoa, as well as Genoa, then go north across Washoe Tribe land to Indian Hills. Now, said Nunes, the line will go east on Genoa Lane, across Highway 395 to Airport Road and into an existing line on Heybourne Road.

"It was an issue of not being able to reach terms with the Washoe Tribe, so we went a different direction," said Nunes. "It doesn't affect the town of Genoa."

The project will be delayed, but Nunes said that's not a problem.

"This moves it back into 2001, but we worked closely with Walley's, and they have some delays, so it worked out mutually beneficial," he said.

The change will probably also mean an increase in the overall project cost, but Nunes didn't have a dollar amount. He emphasized the connection cost to Genoa customers won't change.

Sewer connection fees are based on "equivalent dwelling units," which calculate use based on single-family homes. The fee is $5,800 per unit.

Owners of commercial buildings or properties including multiple buildings will pay more, based on how many restrooms they have and how many units' worth of sewer capacity they would likely use.

The county approved the rates in March. Unlike other areas, sewer connections are optional for Genoans, and participating property owners will have three years to pay the connection fees.


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