Smoke unlikely to effect health

Smoke that invaded Carson City on Monday may have blown from a fire burning north of Sacramento or fires in Idaho and Montana, Reno weather forecasters said.

Satellite imagery reviewed early Monday morning indicates the haze in the valleys may be a combination of smoke from several fires raging throughout the Western and Northwestern states.

Locally, the smoke does not appear to be having a significant impact on the respiratory health of residents, Carson City Environmental Health Director Daren Winkelman said.

"The most we do in this situation is recommend people stay in if they have respiratory problems or asthma," he said. "We've seen worse conditions than these. If it becomes uncomfortable, just stay inside."

Winkelman said smoke dangers are rare in Eagle Valley and usually come along only when there is a big fire burning nearby.

"If a fire is local and it really starts to sock in, then we will try to get the word out," he said. "But we don't usually have these types of problems."

In the past, smoke buildup has not been bad enough to create a public health hazard.

Winkelman said the types of problems usually associated with smoke inhalation are indicated by asthma-type symptoms - problems usually associated with the upper respiratory system.

He added that Washoe Valley has more environmental difficulties and is more prone to widespread respiratory problems.


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