Sparks business owner gives twins who found money each $100

Twin brothers, who found $200 frozen in a ditch near their Indian Hills home, were each handed a $100 bill by a Sparks business owner who heard their story.

Ira and Taylor Kersten-Wines found the money in November and immediately turned it in at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

The story appeared in The Record-Courier on Dec. 2 and was picked up by the Associated Press. The story was read by Sparks businessman E.J. Ryan.

Ryan and his partner, Rob Clabaugh, gave the boys each $100 so they wouldn't have to wait three months for their reward. The two men are partners in Custom Care Landscaping in Sparks.

Both boys said they would wait until after opening their Christmas presents before deciding what to buy with the money.

The boys are the sons of Jacks Valley Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Maggie Kersten.


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