Stats: Legends Dirt Qualifier

At Reno- Fernley Raceway

Note: qualifying race for the National Legends Dirt Track

Championship, Wichita, Kansas.

30 lap main event

1, John Burritt, Sparks. 2, Gary Warren, Reno. 3, D.J. Krentz, Reno. 4, Bob Oliver, Sparks. 5, Michael Morrissey Jr., South Lake Tahoe. Six-lap trophy dash

1, Jovon Halen, Carson City

Second "main" (12 laps)

(a make-up race for National points)

1, Bob Oliver. 2, Sonny Wahl, Las Vegas. 3, Bumper Larue, Napa. 4, Larry Henke, Reno. 5, Barney LaRue, Napa.


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