Street Talk: Carson massage therapist will rub you the right way

To tell you about Therapeutic Solutions and what it is we first have to tell you what it isn't!

"We're not a massage parlor and we don't do sex, period!"

That was said by the owner/operator of Therapeutic Solutions, Tammy Santiago, as we began our visit at her one-year old business.

"We're a legitimate professional massage business," she continued. "That sex stuff is a stigma that goes with this business that we're trying to correct."

Before we get to what they are, a little about Tammy, who opened the business in December of last year.

Tammy is 34 and was born in Folsom, Calif.

"Johnny Cash and that song," she added with a laugh. "Folsom Prison was made famous by that song."

That prison wasn't a part of her life but living on a farm was.

"My mom and dad (Jerry and Leanna) live in Esparto, California," said Tammy. "Dad is a tomato farmer. I lived on a tomato farm."

Tammy came to Carson City in 1980 and graduated from Carson High School in 1984.

"I worked for 10 years for the state in the secretary of state's office," she said. "I handled corporate filings. I also worked for the director of the Employment Training and Rehabilitation."

She smiled before continuing. "I also worked for Pro-Group Management in Carson City as the claims liason for worker's compensation ... Then I went to school for a year to become a licensed massage therapist in Carson City."

Tammy describes herself as a "single mother of two boys" both of whom attend Seeliger school.

"Barron is 10 and in the fourth grade and Taran is 8 and in the third grade," she added.

As for her business, Tammy has got that "first year" under her belt and I asked her how it was going?

"It's been a good year," she replied happily. "I'm not making tons of money but I'm not starving either. It's a totally enjoyable kind of work."

What do you do there?

"I give therapeutic massages," she answered. "All kinds like Swedish, deep tissue, neuro muscular and I provide pain relief and stress reduction. I'm a specialist in deep tissue massages, too."

Tammy does not work alone. At her business, which is at 1929 California (across from Big Al's Pizza) she works with Adrian Hardt, Robin Graber, Jason Hataway and Juley Franklin.

"Adrian specializes in relaxation and pain relief and Robin in Lymphedema," said Tammy as she showed me around. "Jason specializes in relaxation and Juley in all phases of massage.

"We're a group of trained professionals who provide a number of benefits - both mental and physical and emotional - to our clients. Our clients are men, women and children."

What exactly is massage therapy, Tammy?

"Massage therapy stretches and loosens tight muscles and connective tissue, breaking down and preventing further formation of adhesions, freeing your range of motion and reducing the dangers of fibrosis," she said. "It also increases blood circulation among its many benefits. It is finding enormous popularity among millions of Americans."

Tammy said anyone who would like more detailed information can "stop by and pick up a free Introduction to Massage" brochure at her business or call her at 883-7116.

SHE'S IN GOOD SHAPE - Tammy's idea of fun is not mine, but that's OK with me. Tammy likes to go hiking and she exercises a lot.

Not my cup of tea, so to speak, as my biggest exercise is walking around trying to find where I last left the TV remote.

"I like to go hiking and to the beach at Lake Tahoe," said a grinning Tammy after I told her what my idea of exercise is. "I also work out three days a week at 24-Hour Fitness in Carson City. I lift weights too, do cardiovascular work and use the Stair-Stepper."

Just hearing about all that got me tired.

"That and my work is what I do," she said. "And of course I take care of my kids. That's my life and I'm very happy with it."

Nothing else to say so our visit ended but I'm glad I got the chance to tell you about Tammy and her life in Carson City.

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ALAN ROGERS is a Nevada Appeal columnist. His message phone is 887-243, ext. 402.


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