Two Democrats seeking Storey commission seat

VIRGINIA CITY - Two Democrats are vying for a shot to run for District 3 county commissioner, which includes the Lockwood and Rainbow Bend areas in the northern part of Storey County. And while neither cared to make any direct accusations against Republican incumbent Carl Trink, both expressed concerns about representation in this district.

- Dennis Miller

Whether the issue is the completion of the Hafed Bridge, the widening of Canyon Road or the senior citizens lunch program, Dennis Miller, 58, has been an actively concerned citizen. This retiree moved to the Lockwood area from Hayward, Calif., four years ago and has been an advocate for citizens in Storey County's District 3 for a good part of that time.

"I felt we didn't have the representation at commissioners' meetings that we should," Miller said, noting he has been attending the meetings for about 2 1/2 years. "My main concern is to be an advocate for the residents, to get their voice heard. That's the commissioner's job, to be a voice of the people. I feel I can represent Storey and the River District. I personally don't believe we have been represented."

Miller has been an advocate of the senior hot lunch program and fought against the truck stop across from Canyon Way. He also fought the widening of Canyon Way, which officials proposed in lieu of building the new diversion road for the garbage trucks passing through to the Lockwood dump.

"Reno Disposal had a special use permit that required them to put in an alternate road when commissioners deemed necessary," Miller said. "But truck traffic increased from 400 to 800 trucks in less than a year and the road wasn't built."

Together with other concerned residents, he submitted a petition to open up dialogue to get this special use permit enforced and get a road put in.

"I'm kind of limited as to what I can address as a citizen. I don't have any authority except through people not represented," Miller said, noting he is comfortable with the other two commissioners and feels he has a good rapport with both.

Miller spent 37 years with the United Can Company in Hayward, working his way through the ranks to a supervisory position. He has one daughter and one son with his wife of 39 years, Shirley.

- Faith St. Clair

"I'm in Storey County to stay, and I'd like to make a difference," Commission District 3 candidate Faith St. Clair said. "I'm a concerned citizen who's willing to take time, effort and energy to try to make everything good for everybody. My heart is in it."

St. Clair first thought about running when the debate surfaced concerning the widening of Canyon Way, rather than the new diversion road that was promised to handle the traffic to Lockwood's dump site.

"That would have eliminated where my house sits," St. Clair said, noting the decision to build the diversion road has been made since, but she questions the leadership of Commissioner Trink. "Some of the decisions he's made have not been in my best interest, and that's why I'm running. I believe he's done the best job he can, but some of the decisions are contrary to what I believe, which influenced my decision to run."

St. Clair, a resident of the Lockwood Mobile Home Park, has been embroiled in the residents' efforts to purchase their park from the Internal Revenue Service. The park once belonged to Mustang Ranch owner Joe Conforte, and the Lockwood residents have overcome many barriers and adverse circumstances that threaten the loss of their homes.

"I had my doubts as to the support that was coming (concerning this issue)," she said.

A slot supervisor at the Alamo Travel Center in Sparks, she has lived in Nevada since 1995 and Lockwood since 1998. She is newly married to Brett Tyler, an artist.


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