Utility shareholders make organizational plans

The Utility Shareholders Association of Nevada recently announced completion of its plan to organize according to its members' state legislative districts in preparation for the 2001 Nevada Legislative Session.

"Our Action Teams are in place, telephone trees are complete, the e-mail network is set to go and Action Team Chairmen are informed about the issues we'll b e dealing with," said USAN President Joyce Newman.

"USAN Membership Coordinator Gaylyn Spriggs has made great strides in organizing our membership and in informing them about current issues," said Ms. Newman. "Computer technology is making it much easier to provide information instantaneously to our members, and they appreciate receiving up-to-date information.

"Our members are closely following legislative and regulatory developments pertaining to restructuring of the nation's electric industry. They're very engaged in what's going on, and have been very willing to become even more involved in our association,' said Ms. Spriggs. "Many of them have volunteered to participate in our telephone trees, which enables us to contact thousands of members in a very short time.

"We've held a number of luncheons in various legislative districts around the state, enabling our members to become better acquainted with their legislators, and giving legislators an opportunity to visit with their USAN-member constituents," concluded Ms. Newman.

The Utility Shareholders Association of Nevada is a nonprofit, statewide association comprised of tens of thousands of shareholders in the state's energy utilities. USAN advocates on behalf of its members at the Nevada Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, and informs its members on developments in the industry that could impact the value of their Nevada utility investments.


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