WNCC offers two special business classes

This fall at Western Nevada Community College, two special business classes are being offered under the sub-heading of marketing.

Bill Reeves local businessman will be teaching students of all ages not just how to close a deal, but to understand why self-esteem, product knowledge and good old-fashioned hard work go into making a successful salesman. Bill says, " We all sell every day. Why not improve on it." He guarantees an upscale class with plenty of fun while learning and fine-tuning your communication skills.

Mkt 129 salesmanship 4 p.m. Tuesday

An Advertising Class is also going to be available to those that wish to improve their understanding of the ads we see everyday, all around us. A must for any student entering the business world. Bill augments this class with local business people that are "in the trenches now" to help students understand advertising from many different angles. He promises that, if nothing else, at the end of the class you will be a more enlightened consumer and isn't that also something we do every day?

Mkt 131, Advertising 4 p.m. Wednesday


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