'X-Files' crew, shocked by electricity in filming accident, one dead

LOS ANGELES - A member of a television production crew working on an episode of the hit television series ''X-Files'' was electrocuted and six others were injured Monday when an electrical line sent a 4,800-volt charge through the scaffold they were using.

''It charged the entire scaffolding,'' Fire Department spokesman Jim Wells said. Six people were standing on the scaffolding, and a seventh person was on the ground, he said.

It was not clear how the power line came into contact with the scaffolding, which was set up 15 feet above the ground at the back of a three-story apartment building, Wells said.

The crew was working on an episode of ''X-Files,'' which is produced by 20th Century Fox, said Day Vinson, assistant to Steven Melnick, the studio's vice president of media relations.

According to a production notice at the scene, the crew was filming a scene involving dialogue, a foot chase down an interior rear stairwell and rain effects on rear stair windows.

One person on the scaffolding died and a second suffered serious injuries. The other five victims sustained moderate to minor injuries, Wells said.


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