Your Two Cents: Readers on city's Costco deal

What will the elected and hired officials tell the people of Carson City when they find out they cannot shop at Costco because they do not qualify to be a member. Costco is a membership store and depending on who you are on the list of qualifications, the annual fees range from $35 to $100 and again depending on who you are you are you're given special shopping hours with higher discount prices. Not everyone will qualify and can afford to be a member. Another city blunder.

Raymond, Carson City

We got a good deal with Costco. We have many improvements on Clear Creek Road and Fuji Park as well as the fact that we will gain back the large amounts of sales tax we lost with Home Depot and Target going into Douglas County over the line. I hope everybody sees the positive results we will enjoy because of this.

Tony, Carson City

I'm very happy to have Costco come to Carson City. You asked did Carson get a good deal? I'm not sure. Who got the best deal were the Comstock RV Park owners. Who are they kidding? They tried to get something for nothing. Maybe they will clean up their park now.

Bernice, Carson City

Carson City got a decent deal with the Costco deal, but the citizens really got raked over the coals by the Lepires. I hope they're feeling good about their deal.

Ralph, Douglas County

The land is probably worth $6 a foot and Carson's going to net $3 a foot. That doesn't sound like a real good deal to me And then all the other off-site improvements the city's going to pay for. Boy, it sounds like buying tax dollars.

Larry, Carson City

I think Carson City got a fantastic deal with Costco; it's just too bad it took so long and there was so much litigation that prevented it from being approved finally. I know one thing, it will make my wife real happy.

Al, Carson City


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