Your Two Cents: Readers talk about drivers talking on cellular phones

Car phones aren't the only issue in our city. I think boom boxes in some of the cars around town are really an issue. It would behoove us to pass some sort of ordinance not allowing this because when you're in a car and one of those pulls up behind you at a stop sign, all conversation stops. You have to listen to somebody else's music. Car radios are for only that particular car, not for everybody else to hear. The second subject to be taken up later should be the double standard for Harley mufflers vs. car mufflers.

Rick, Carson City

Driving is a full time job mentally and physically. Using a cell phone while driving distracts you physically and mentally. Therefore, they should be outlawed while driving. You can pull over and use the phone just as easily as you can driving down the road.

C.L., Carson City

Drivers are talking on cellular telephones instead of watching driving conditions. They're playing music so loud no one can hear emergency vehicles coming. Instead of stopping, they speed up at intersections when the lights change. The vast majority exceed the speed limit. Also, pedestrians step into crosswalks without looking to see if it's safe to cross yet.

Richard, Carson City

I see drivers talking on their cell phones and the ladies are putting on their makeup.

Linda, Gardnerville

I was involved in an accident last month where I think the lady who broadsided me was on the phone. And I hope she got out of the car with the phone in her hand and I presume that's what caused the accident.

Arnold, Carson City

I believe the biggest distractions for drivers are cell phones. I think talking on a cell phone is more dangerous than drunk drivers. I've had many close calls with people talking on cell phones.

Al, Gardnerville

I see some drivers are either holding their cigarette or telephone and the insurance company should make them pay more money. They're a hazard on the road.

Rose, Carson City


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