Another Carson business burgled

A Carson City real estate office was burglarized Friday night or Saturday morning, a week after eight local offices and businesses suffered commercial burglaries.

Lacy Perry arrived to her rental management office at Empey & Co. Realtors on Saturday morning to discover that a stack of rent checks she had hidden the night before were gone.

"I had a secret place I put them, but someone found it," she said.

Deputies investigating the burglary told Perry the large mail slot on the office door was big enough that someone had been able to reach through it and unlock the door.

"I've got Cal from Cal-1 Services on the way over right now to put a double-cylinder deadbolt on the door," Perry said. But she said she knows that the office is still vulnerable because someone could still break a window and enter.

Perry said she was going to be busy contacting the people who had paid their rents with checks to warn them to stop payment on the checks.

"Everybody got paid Friday and they came here to pay their rents, so there's a lot of them," Perry said.

Like the offices and businesses that were struck a week earlier, Empey Realty did not have an alarm system protecting the property.

"There's so many windows that I don't know whether one would work here," Perry said.

No damage to the building was apparent. Perry said the only disturbance was from the intruder looking around for something to take. Besides the checks, a roll of postage stamps was taken, she said.


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