Babysitter should be trained in CPR

Being a former director of a day care, one of the greatest fears a parent has when he or she drops a child off is, if my child gets injured, do they really know first aid? Or, when they are eating snacks and they choke, do the caretakers really know what to do?

Or if the child stops breathing, do they know CPR? To those questions, the answer is yes. The caretakers have to be certified and be recertified and kept up to date on classes on everything from food and education to activities.

As a parent to a "soon-to-be" teenager, the first thing a girl, even boys, want to do is babysit. But I know my child isn't ready and I know she would not be comfortable because she's not informed enough on CPR and first aid.

I think it is something that should be taught no later than sixth grade. I don't know if there is funding for something like this, but if the schools don't do it, maybe the Boys and Girls Club could. Even give them a certificate when completed. It's something that shouldn't be ignored.


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