Bennett ends 12-year supervisor tenure next year

After 11 years of service as a city supervisor, Kay Bennett announced Thursday she will not seek re-election in 2000.

"After nearly 12 years, you begin to evaluate where you're at and where you're going," Bennett said. "You know when it's time. You just know when it's time to draw a close to a situation because another opportunity is really looming out there."

Bennett and her husband, Hale, own and operate the Silver Springs Airport and she said work at the airport is demanding more of her time.

"The airport, pardon the pun, is starting to take off," Bennett said. "Business is more demanding, and in order to do it well, I've got to devote more time to it."

In 1998 Bennett considered a run for State Assembly, a seat she sought unsuccessfully once before. She said while she doesn't plan to run for another elected office, she's not ruling anything out.

"I intend to finish my term of office, but I won't close out any other options," Bennett said. "I feel confident at this point there are a couple of people who are interested in running. I'm sure they'll make themselves known in due time."

A licensed surgical nurse and pilot, Bennett ran for supervisor of Ward 4, which covers part southwest and part of southeast Carson City, in 1988 after becoming interested in state legislative politics. She ran against four men and won the election in the primary, the first person to do so in a Carson City election.

The walls of Bennett's office at City Hall are full of framed certificates and achievement and thank-you plaques.

"What can you say is the greatest?" she said, waving at the wall.

Bennett's passions while in office include work at Lake Tahoe, including her positions on the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Team Tahoe, the Carson River Advisory Committee, The Mainstreet Committee and the Healthy Communities Initiative. Bennett's seat on the Regional Transportation Commission expires in December, but Bennett said she still has several goals to complete on the RTC and will ask to be reappointed.

"I'm proud to have been involved at so many different levels in the blossoming of this city," Bennett said. "I think I've brought some level of continuity and history to the board. No one person does it alone and I've had the privilege of working with supervisors who've made a tremendous impact.

"I think it's time for others to have a chance to serve. It's time for someone else to have the opportunity, and I want to give the community plenty of opportunity to mobilize."

Filing for Carson City elected offices opens May 1, 2000, and ends Monday, May 15, at 5 p.m. Supervisors and school board and hospital trustees must live in the district they represent, but voters are at large. For information about what district you live in or for filing information, call Chief Elections Clerk Tammy Caldwell at 887-2087.

Positions open Incumbent Ward/district Filing fee

Mayor Ray Masayko n/a $100

Supervisor Jon Plank Ward 2 $100

Supervisor Kay Bennett Ward 4 $100

Justice of the peace Robey Willis Department 1 $100

Justice of the Peace John Tatro Department 2 $100

Hospital trustee Basil Chryssos District 2 $30

Hospital trustee Tom Metcalf District 3 $30

Hospital Trustee Caleb Mills District 4 $30

School board trustee Julie Butler District 2 $30

School board trustee John McKenna District 5 $30

School board trustee Gary Ailes District 7 $30


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