Brief: second S. Tahoe shooter will be arraigned

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE - An 18-year-old man accused of shooting another 18-year-old in the stomach with a .38-caliber handgun Wednesday will be arraigned today.

Andrew House, 18, will face charges of assault with a firearm and the willful discharge of a firearm. If he is convicted, House could face up to four years in prison.

The shooting victim, Joshua Parker, was sent home Thursday after being treated at Barton Memorial Hospital.

Parker was wounded while trying to take the gun from House, who was allegedly showing it to several people dancing and watching movies at a home on Silverwood Circle, according to a South Lake Tahoe Police report. House reportedly was housesitting there and had discovered the gun in an upstairs closet.

There was no evidence of a confrontation between anyone in the house before the shooting, according to Detective Martin Hewlett.


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