Carson City could begin by cutting staff

I read, with interest, the article on the Carson budget being $2.2 million short. The tentative budget is $39.9 million, of which 75 percent, $30 million, goes to salaries and benefits.

There is all kinds of talk of raising the property taxes and the sales tax and cutting services. What services are left to cut if they consist of only $9.9 million of the total budget? Something is drastically wrong here. It seems obvious that there are too many employees on the city payroll with too many benefits and high salaries.

What happens while they whittle away at the services and eventually cut the total $9.9 million in services? Then what will those employees be doing to earn their salaries?

Seventy-five percent of the total budget for salaries and benefits, and they have the nerve to go back to the taxpayers and ask for an increase in property taxes and sales taxes. (Did I say ask? Excuse me, mandate.) It seems to me that they are grossly over-staffed for the amount of services they are providing and that is where the cuts should be.

Once more the government proves that they are grossly inept at functioning and all that needs to be done in this capacity should be privatized. Remember, there is no end to this because they get automatic increases in their salaries and benefits keep increasing while services keep decreasing and eventually the whole budget will be for salaries and benefits for them.

In our Utopian world, we envision a government that functions efficiently, supported by reasonable taxes, providing services as needed. In their Utopian world, they envision ever-increasing salaries, a minimal or non-existent workload, unlimited days off and no flack from the hard-working people who monetarily support them. They need an attitude adjustment and a reality check.


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