Carson man says he fended off attacker

A 63-year-old Carson City man testified Wednesday that he was able to fend off his attacker with a punch .

The testimony came during a preliminary hearing for Michael Ray, 18, who faces a charge of attempted armed robbery with a deadly weapon stemming from an incident in the parking lot of the Carson Nugget about midnight March 14.

Roger DiMarzo said a man he identified as Ray walked up to him as he was getting into his car, which was parked in a handicapped spot, and demanded money.

"He had a sawtooth knife at his right hip that he was holding up," DiMarzo said. "I threw a combat punch that connected and he buckled. Then he turned and ran like hell."

DiMarzo said he was also carrying a knife, which he kept closed.

"I slipped it into my hand like a roll of quarters and punched him," he said of the small clasp knife.

Ray's attorney Steve McGuire of the state public defender's office questioned DiMarzo's story, asking if the suspect was really running.

"I can't run," DiMarzo answered. "He was walking so fast I couldn't catch him."

Deputy Pam Church testified that she was leaving the post office when she saw a man dressed in a beige coat and a ball cap walking past.

She said she spotted Ray in the parking lot of the Hardman House and arrested him at gunpoint. No knife was found on Ray.

Church said that Ray admitted he was involved in the incident, but that he said it was a prank.

Deputy Terry Wheeler said he searched the area around where Ray was arrested and found a knife in a planter.

Wheeler said he asked that the knife be examined for fingerprints, but there was no report that that had been done.

Deputy District Attorney Matt Jensen asked that the knife be entered as circumstantial evidence until it could be processed for fingerprints.

McGuire objected to introducing the knife, pointing out that there was no direct link between his client and the knife.

Justice of the Peace Robey Willis found there was sufficient evidence for Ray to be tried on the charge. Ray is in custody in lieu of $12,500 bail.


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