Carson to celebrate Halloween on Halloween

For years, Halloween has been a revolving holiday for Carson City. Sometimes celebrated Oct. 30, sometimes on Oct. 31.

This year, Halloween will be celebrated on Halloween, Sunday, Oct. 31. The state's Admission Day/Nevada Day celebration will take place Saturday, Oct. 30, and the state holiday is Monday.

Historically, Halloween is a mixture of Celtic, Christian, and Roman fall festivals celebrating the new year and honoring the dead.

Today, it's mostly a children's holiday dotted by ghosts, witches, jack-o-lanterns and pranks all of which are remnants of past celebrations

On Oct. 31, 1913, under the headline "Just Fun, Not Mischief" the Appeal wrote: "The City Marshal has stated that the celebration of Halloween this year will be a sane one, and while the youngsters may have all the innocent fun they desire, malicious mischief, such as carrying away gates, cutting clotheslines, etc., will not be tolerated. Look out to-night, you kiddos."

On Oct. 28, 1938, just days before the holiday the Carson City Daily Appeal printed a wire story from Salt Lake City.

Under the headline "Too Much Hallowe'en" the story said: "Salt Lake City, (UP) -Dangers of excessive Hallowe'en celebration were illustrated by the case of Raymond West, 17.

West, attending a Hallowe'en party, dislocated his jaw bobbing for apples."

In the same edition, City Marshal J.M. Dority warns against too much Hallowe'en fun.

"City Marshal J.M. Dority is again requesting the cooperation of the public, children and their parents in confining Hallowe'en to one night and to refrain from damaging decorations or property of any kind.

Several boys started out to stage a Hallowe'en demonstration last night but were quickly curbed.

Parents are again warned that they will be held responsible for any damage done by their children."

Because of the law passed by legislators in 1999, Halloween will likely remain on Halloween more often than is usual for Carson City.

The law has made the last weekend in October a three-day weekend to allow for the celebration of Nevada Day.

The state holiday will now fall on the last Friday of the month. Most of the Nevada Day festivities, including the parade, are to take place on Saturday.

Only when Saturday coincides with Oct. 31 will Halloween need to be moved from its traditional day.


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