Carson voters share their views

Neither the presidential candidates nor their campaigns have made much of a positive impression on area voters, according to a handful questioned Sunday.

The Nevada Appeal asked them: "How have the presidential candidates and campaign impressed you so far?"

The day after George W. Bush polled an 11-point margin over John McCain in the South Carolina Republican primary, most of the respondents said the negative tones that the front runners' campaigns have taken were more on their minds than were positions on issues.

Memories of the Clinton administration scandals of the past two years also lingered.

One man, who would not give his name, said he could not comment on the candidates because "They haven't really said anything yet."

Here's what several area voters said:

Rota Rosaschi, Carson City - "I've been watching and paying attention to what's been going on. I'm surprised they've gotten down and dirty already. I want them to get to the issues - the economy, foreign policy, tax reform. All we're getting is rhetoric. I may cross party lines on the presidential election this year, because I'm disappointed in what the President has done. We'll see."

Steve Gruenburg, Galena - "To be honest, I'm not impressed with anybody yet. Bush probably has the main pull over the rest. I'm registered as a Republican, but I don't like Clinton because he is supposed to be an example for youngsters and all and he let us down by lying and cheating."

Lisa Savenelli, Carson City - "I'm registered as a Democrat, but I really don't know yet. I think the Republicans have got a chance this time. I'm disappointed with the Democrats because of all that's gone on the past couple years."

John Culverhouse, Minden - "I say 'No' to all of them. Who would I vote for? Maybe John Kennedy. The candidates are dragging each other through the mud, instead of sticking to the facts. If I had to pick, I'd go with Gore. But this election's going to be a nasty one."

Tiffiney Tarter, Carson City - "I like George W. Bush. He's more self-explanatory and he believes in what he's saying. I don't vote by party. I look at what he's going to do if he gets elected. As far as what Clinton did, I don't care who someone has sex with as long as its not someone else's wife and as long as they leave me and my husband alone."


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