Children's Museum developing time capsule

A sealed Time Capsule will be stored at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada and children 17 or younger are being given a chance to answer a series of 14 questions to be placed in the capsule, to be opened in the year 2025.

The questions are:

1. What will the total world's population be as of Jan. 1, 2025?

2. How many planets will humans have landed on and what are their names?

3. What can we do to stop the extinction of endangered animals?

4. Which species will become extinct?

5. What will be done with all the garbage?

6. How can we best utilize nuclear waste?

7. What will computers be able to do for us and what will they look like?

8. What will the Internet be like in 25 years?

9. What device would you like to see invented and what would you call it?

10. What will be the greatest medical discovery?

11. What diseases will be cured by 2025?

12. Will the United Nations still be functioning and what will its role be?

13. What will classrooms and schools be like in 2025?

14. What can you do to change your part of the world?

Answers are due by e-mail by Dec. 28, at 5 p.m. The e-mail address is Participants are asked to include their first name and city, state and country.

Call 884-2226.


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