City approves bus placards

Carson Transportation System buses will soon have advertising on their sides.

Carson City supervisors gave the nod Thursday, and by early next year residents will see advertisements adorning the sides of city buses. The extra revenue garnered from advertising will be used to expand service during daytime hours.

City Finance Director David Heath said Thursday the Public Transit Advisory Committee was unsure what to expect from advertising revenue and wouldn't know until it was tried.

Mayor Ray Masayko said it made sense to allow advertising if it could add hours to the transit system.

Carson resident Jay Meierdierck said putting advertisements on the sides of buses created billboards in a town that has strict billboard regulations.

"I'm all for public transportation, and I'm all for innovative and creative revenue sources," Meierdierck said. "Are the extra dollars in this case worth the expense? It's still a billboard, and the city has taken steps to restrict billboards. Every taxi in Carson City has advertising, but those aren't publicly owned."


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