City should listen to experts on Tiburon

I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting on Dec. 16 in which the

discussion was on the agenda to recommend Tiburon as the vendor of choice for the public safety dispatch software. I was there to support the public safety viewpoint that Tiburon was the best choice as recommended by the committee formed to investigate all of the vendors as well as was recommended by the consultant hired by the City to investigate the various vendors.

At the onset of the meeting I was appalled by the unprofessionalism displayed by the Mayor. It was clear from the start that he and Supervisor Williamson had their minds made up that HTE was their choice and they would not allow evidence to be brought forward in Tiburon's behalf. Not only did the Mayor deny audience input but when the consultant began to explain why Tiburon was the best choice the Mayor and Williamson cut him off abruptly and gave him a tongue lashing as if he were breaking some unspoken code. The Mayor and Williamson were rude to the point that I was embarrassed for the city.

However, the primary reason I am writing this letter is because I am a tax

payer and I saw a flagrant waste of the taxpayer's money at this meeting. The consultant mentioned previously was paid in the neighborhood of $14,000 for his input and recommendation but as soon as he began to deliver the message, which was not what Masayko and Williamson wanted, he was told, in so many words, to shut up and sit down. In other words we the taxpayers of Carson City paid this gentleman $14,000.00 for the opportunity to tell him to shut up and sit down. The Sheriff mentioned some memos that were delivered at the last minute from City staff that appeared to be nothing more than attempt to undermine the consultants report. The Sheriff was cut off by Masayko and told the staff was doing their job as directed. In other words the staff was paid to develop a report that would undermine what we have paid $14,000 for. If this was the course the city administration wanted to take, why didn't we just take the staff's recommendation, correct or not, and save ourselves a good piece of change.

If this behavior is the norm and is accepted by the Supervisor's I wish to go

on the record as stating that I am available at any time to endure the Mayor

telling me to shut up and sit down for the paltry fee of $14,000.


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