Computer system stolen from Brewery Arts Center ofice in Sunday burglary

What took the Brewery Arts Center months to save for was gone overnight, at the hands of a thief.

A Hewlett-Packard computer system was stolen from the office of the Brewery Arts Center sometime after 6 p.m. Sunday. It is unclear how the thief got into the building, but the door to the office was possibly pried open with a crowbar.

"We do know they left out the front door," said Executive Director Joe McCarthy. "They left a trail of wires."

Taken was the main computer system along with a monitor. An attempt was also made to take a printer, but it was not successful. All cash within the building were secure.

As of Monday afternoon, a visual inventory of the premises had been taken and it appeared nothing more was stolen. Carson City Sheriff's detectives are investigating the burglary. Details of the investigation were limited.

"I look around in here and the Artisan's Store, and I feel so fortunate nothing more was taken," said McCarthy.

"I'm also very relieved when the staff person, who was alone securing the building, that this (break-in) wasn't an issue. This is very unusual (for someone to be alone) because this building is so busy with people with all of the programs."

A staff member made rounds through the building Sunday evening after a Cinderella pageant. The Nevada Gunfighters had also used the building earlier that day. All doors and windows were secure at that time.

The break-in was discovered as staff arrived about 7:45 a.m. Monday and found the front door open.

"I don't recall at any time during my tenure here the BAC being broken into," said McCarthy, who has been director since December 1996. "In a lot of ways, the community protects this place. It's a very sad discovery."

McCarthy and the other office staff were still learning all the capabilities and programs of the new system, which is valued at $5,700. Without it, they cannot access their Internet Web page or e-mail, and they can't print or save to the main system.

"We're back to where we started. All of the BAC information is in that computer. They have all the computer hardware and software, monitor, network cards. This computer acts as host to the other computers."

The Brewery Arts Center building does not have a security system. But McCarthy said he thinks now that he is going to have to look into getting one.

"We are insured, but with the level of our deductible, it probably won't make a difference. It's going to take us a while to replace the system."


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